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Currently equipment is available as following:

Sports Bioengineering Unit

General Radiography
We use digital radiography to examine bones and soft tissues. It can be used as a general imaging survey for the body regions of the chest, abdomen, spine and pelvis, head and neck, and upper and lower extremities.

We utilizes high-frequency sound waves to produce medical images. All body parts except bones and organs with gases can be imaged using ultrasound, including breasts, thyroid, abdomen and pelvis, musculoskeletal system, cerebrovascular system, and peripheral vascular system.

Sports Biomechanics & Automation Engineering Unit

Gait and posture analysis
Gait is the daily functional activity. By looking at the symmetry and the comparison with normal gait pattern, the biomechanics measurements quantify the functional performance. This serves as a tool to evaluate the disability of patient, and also the progress of rehabilitation. Moreover, this can also be extended to posture analysis to evaluate balancing ability of patients.

Muscle function analysis
Muscle is an important element in the musculoskeletal system. It contracts and initiates limb motions. The surface electromyography (EMG) evaluation can quantify the muscle activity and fatigue. Moreover, we can also evaluate the muscle reaction time by the use of EMG.

Cardiorespiratory and physiology evaluation
Cardiorespiratory and physiology measurement evaluates the physical fitness. We offer tests to measure the oxygen consumption, energy expenditure, heart beat rate, and blood lactic acid concentration.

Sprain-free sport shoe
We are designing an intelligent sprain-free sport shoe which first senses the external environmental forces, then identify if there is a significant injury risk, and finally initiate a corrective mechanism to delay and stop the injury motion.

Motion sensor, infra-red camera and video-based motion capture system for kinematics analysis
The system is used for the kinematics analysis of small animals.

Sports Integrative Health Management Unit

Physical fitness assessment
The physical fitness assessment assesses a clientˇ¦s physical fitness and condition in terms of various physiological functions. The assessment items and grading system are based on protocols devised and used by the General Administration of Sport of China and the China Physical Fitness Surveillance Center. All of the equipment and software we use for the physical fitness assessment are also identical to those utilized by the China Sports Bureau and the China Physical Fitness Surveillance Center.

Sports Medicine Unit

Sports Medicine Unit provides a series of comprehensive rehabilitation services. The equipment include:

Whole body resistance training (magnetic)

MR knee proprioception computerized training

Computerized muscle training

Ultrasound imaging positioning shockwave therapy
In the ultrasound imagine positioning, shockwave can particularly cure the knee anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) calcified damage.

Sports Physiology Unit/Sports Nutrition Unit

Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA)
It is a means of measuring the bone mineral density (BMD). Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry is the most widely used and most thoroughly studied bone density measurement technology.

Sports Telehealth Unit:

Self-operated Health Assessment Kiosks
Our kiosks automate the process of a basic sports health assessment.

Interactive Enquiry Kiosk
Our kiosk consists of modules that the client can choose. The Demographic Data Set module is a comprehensive health assessment tool focusing on the ethnic and social background of the client, including past health history, medicine and health care utilization pattern.

Portable Telehealth System
Our portable health assessment system is easy to carry and store, enabling clients to monitor their own health anytime, anywhere.

Sports Traumatology Unit

Arthroscopic surgery and navigation system
The high resolution arthroscopy system can provide clear images which can facilitate the surgeons to perform arthroscopic surgery efficiently. The computer navigation system can help the surgeon to perform more complicated reconstructive surgery by providing accurate information, orientation and simulation during surgery such as double bundles anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Sports Vision Unit

Equipments for Sports Vision Assessment and Training
The Sports Vision Unit uses state of the art equipments to assess and train eye-hand/body coordination, balance, peripheral awareness, visualization and visual concentration. Our sports vision optometrists, who understand how your visual system works provide comprehensive eye examinations to identify, analyze and enhance sports related visual performance through individualized consultations with athletes of all levels. Call (852) 2766-5225 for more information on scheduling and fees.


Sports Eyewear
These are specialty eyeglasses or sunglasses designed with athletesˇ¦ needs in mind. Sports goggles are more form-fitting; and are generally made thicker than your ordinary glasses in order to protect your eyes during high speed or motion activities such as racket sports, swimming or other sports where the competition field poses a high risk to eye injuries.




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